License Agreement

Our license will save you money on PRS/PPL fees

Music On Hold License

On Hold 2 Go is a trading name of IB Audio
3 Privet Walk
Witham St Hughs

What you can do:

  • You are granted the right to play the music you download from this site ( on your music on hold player.
  • There is no limit to the number of incoming lines you can have.
  • This license only extends to the usage of music on hold (if you require further usage please use our main music site
  • Each download is licensed to 1 premises. If you need to use in multiple premises please add more downloads to the cart.
  • The territory is worldwide.
  • The license lasts forever (in perpetuity).

You will not be expected to pay us or PRS/PPL or any other Performing Rights Organisation any further fees for the usage of our music.

What you cannot do:

You cannot resell or give away the music (e.g. You cannot simply give this music away with a telephone system) or use it for other commercial applications such as video or website. Please visit if you wish to license the music for other purposes.

You cannot create custom on hold productions with this music, this license only extends to playing the music only.

Copyright ownership

The copyright owners of this music are © IB Audio and we own all the the rights to the music. This is important to remember in case you need to resolve any problems with PRS. We are of course on hand to help with any disputes to your rights to play the music.

How are we PRS/PPL free?

As we are not members of the PRS, PPL or any other performing rights organisation they cannot issue licenses on our behalf as they do not represent us.

Request a personalised license agreement

If you would like a personalised license agreement (in PDF format) with your company name and contact details added, please send us your Transaction ID (found on your email from us) and your contact details.

If you have multiple premises simply add those contact details. Please make sure that you have paid for additional downloads for each premises.

  Download License PDF